Columbia River Gorge Elopement

Sabrina & Ben's Post Wedding Bridal Portraits, Columbia River Gorge

Every so often you walk away from a portrait session and it leaves you speechless. That is how I felt after I photographed Sabrina and Ben's bridal portraits in the Columbia River Gorge, just 45 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. Every once in a while, I recommend my client's do their portrait sessions after their wedding day so on the day-of their wedding they can spend more time with their guests rather than spend it taking photos. Sabrina and Ben's wedding was downtown Portland in February so it was chilly and rainy. We made the call to hold off on portraits until we had favorable weather.

Sabrina & Ben, Columbia River Gorge

Portrait Highlights

The Columbia River Gorge is the perfect backdrop for your elopement

The Columbia Gorge is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of shooting at. Every spot feels like a photo-op and when you have a couple as in love as these two, the sessions are simply magic. Every photo felt like it was going to be the best photo of the day, I really can't say I have a favorite. The Columbia Gorge is perfect for bridal sessions or an intimate elopement at any one of it's many waterfalls.