Tendue Portland – Parisian-Inspired Bridal Shoot

There is something effortless and romantic about this Parisian-inspired shoot, photographed at Tendue in downtown Portland, Oregon. My friend Lena from Lena's Kitchen Blog was visiting a new venue that had just opened and she posted a video of the space on her Instagram stories and when I saw the tall white walls detailed with molding and the gorgeous natural light from their large windows, I knew I had to shoot there! I immediately reached out to the Tendue team who gave me the honor of being the first photographer to shoot in their space!

One of my favorite parts of the event space was the white walls, detailed with molding. It gave me Parisian-vibes right off the bat and I wanted to work with that. Then I wanted to bring in all the beautiful things I loved about Paris when I visited; I wanted to recreate decadence of Paris as I remembered it. I visited in the spring, the aroma of flowers was in the air. Layered cakes and pastries were abundantly available as I perused the cobbled streets of this romantic city. Wine, cheese and charcuterie was my go-to at almost every meal, I had to have it all in this shoot. I set off to find the perfect team who could deliver on this vision. My team did not disappoint. I hope you enjoy this gallery and get to meet the extremely talented creatives I worked with on this shoot.

Everything SELVA creates is unforgettable. I was so lucky to meet her at a workshop on the Oregon Coast. I was drawn in by her calming energy and creativity as she created floral scapes unlike any I've seen before. Around Portland, Oregon, SELVA is known for her unstructured and abundant floral and botanical designs and is the go-to for a fashionable bride looking for something totally unique. On set, its not unlikely that SELVA can be seen foraging for whatever foliage she can fine to add to her creations and everything she creates is stunning. I consider her work avant garde and totally unique! During this inspiration shoot at Tendue in downtown Portland, she created some structural, new-age florals in muted pastel tones and accented with lavender spray paint. She foraged the flowers and botanicals from her own flower garden and created something truly unique and beautiful.

Crowned as Portland's Charcuterie Queen, Lena from Lena's Kitchen Blog first caught my eye on Instagram because of her decadent charcuterie boards. I was immediately drawn to her by her infectious personality, warm spirit and inviting nature. New to Portland, I asked her to meet up thinking we could maybe collaborate on something and we became fast friends! Fast forward, Lena is now the recipe queen! Her blog found here gives her readers approachable food recipes with share with your whole family. It's not uncommon of her to invite you over for dinner if you are in the Portland area. I think Lena's food and food styling is incredible, especially the way she uses colors and texture in her recipes. I knew I wanted her as part of my team on this shoot and she did not disappoint.




Art Direction

Chef & Food Stylist

Florals & Styling


Hair & Makeup


Bridal Attire



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